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For over a century, Army & Navy stood as an icon of inclusivity and affordability, shaping and energizing this neighbourhood. For this legacy to live on, the existing buildings need substantial investment.

The architecture and the Army & Navy business have always spoken to the character of Gastown and the Downtown Eastside – it is both bricks and mortar, heart and soul. Its future, like its past, will continue to embody all of this.

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Open House

On April 12, 2023, the project team hosted an in-person open house at 36 W Cordova.

The purpose of the event was to:

  • Share our initial plans for the site

  • Provide you with an opportunity to speak to the project team

  • Answer your questions

  • Gather your feedback and ideas


If you were unable to make the in-person open house but want to learn more, you can review the project website and review the information boards by clicking the button below.





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Site and
Area Context

15 W Hastings and 36 W Cordova

(Cohen Block) is located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside and Gastown, surrounded by a mix of shops, restaurants, residential uses and public space.

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Our Vision

Building for the next 100 years

Cohen Block will bring renewal to Gastown and the Downtown Eastside through commerce and secured rental housing — harnessing the history and spirit of Army & Navy.

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Project Opportunities


We are pleased to partner with BC Indigenous Housing Society to operate the below-market and subsidized rental homes in service of the community.

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Rental Housing Mix

The proposal delivers ~150 secured rental homes including below-market and homes at deep subsidy.


The Cohen Block vision includes 5,000 sq ft (37 spaces) of childcare space via BC Indigenous Housing Society and a local non-profit operator.


Local Jobs and Commercial 

Cohen Block will contribute to a resilient local economy, with approximately 246,800 sq ft of new leasable office, and retail spaces, as well as not-for-profit office space.

Heritage Preservation

Cohen Block will retain an important piece of Gastown’s history through the retention and restoration of the Cordova Street heritage facade.


The Cohen Family Commitment

The Cohen family’s commitment to the Downtown Eastside and Gastown has never wavered. For over 100 years, Army & Navy stood proudly as a hub of commerce and inclusivity.


When Jacqui took the reins of Army & Navy in 1998, she grew the company and immediately began to imagine redevelopment of the flagship store that would restore and honour what was once the social, cultural, and commercial heart of Vancouver.

The Bosa Properties Story

The Bosa Properties story is one of evolution, beginning when Robert Bosa and his family left Italy and immigrated to Vancouver in the late 1950s – inspired by the belief that new opportunity awaited them. Through hard work, a reputation for fair dealings and his unique vision, Robert became a symbol for excellence in construction – always delivering well built spaces for people to live.

Over the following decades, the company’s culture of integrity and exceptional craftsmanship has cemented its reputation as a trusted partner, builder and industry leader.


Application Timeline

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Please note that all project stats and details are subject to change as the project evolves.

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